How To Read Your Human Design Chart

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How to Read Your Human Design BodyGraph (The Cliffnotes)

I know, I get it. You were a wonderful student, you listened to me, got your FREE Human Design Chart for

And now you’re like WTF am I looking at Desiree?! 🤷‍♀️

Well have no worries, I am going to explain it all as simple as I can. (Hey Human Design is a detailed teaching and it takes years to learn. So consider this as the cliff notes to understanding your Human Design Chart.😁

How to read your human design body graph. Learn how to read your human design chart, type, personality and design, human design profile

Meaning of Type

First thing you’ll notice on your chart is your Type. Your type is defined by your aura (electromagnetic field) that you have. It’s not as complicated as it sounds.
To learn more about Your Human Design Type read this article below. 👇

Blog Post: Human Design The Four Types of Humans


There are only 12 profiles in Human Design and your profile is the first step in understanding your purpose.

Now the profile is the mask of your purpose, it doesn’t actually define your purpose, it just shows you your stage character in the game of life.

Also, you’ll notice that your profile has 2 numbers. The first number gives you information on your Personality (which you can change, and probably do, but shouldn’t) and the second number is your Design. (you can’t change this, and are most likely unaware of how it operates)


Your definition is determined by having colored in centers (the squares and triangles) in your body graph. Channels, (2 connecting numbers) are what make a center defined.

Each center and channel has a detailed meaning that I will not go into depth here, (remember this is cliff notes yo!)

So your definition is directly connected to your Human Anatomy like organs and systems. And these centers are directly connected to your chakra system.
Simply put chakras are energy centers that are related to specific organs and systems in the body. (Seen and unseen)

Having a definition (defined center) means that one or more of your chakras are consistently flowing with a specific type of energy.
Oh and I know that most Spiritual Teaching uses a 7 chakra system but Human Design uses 9 chakras.

Strategy and Inner Authority

Your inner authority and strategy is directly linked to your decision making process.

Whether or not you’re making the correct decisions based on your personality and design is a different story.

If you have problems, feel lost, or confused about who you are or where to navigate in life then you’re probably making decisions that are not aligned with who you truly are.

This is why it is important to know your Strategy to navigate life and stand firm in your authority so you can make decisions that yield better results for you.

Not- Self Theme

This is how you behave or feel when you get conditioned by other people’s beliefs or act not in accordance with your Strategy and Authority.

Human Design is all about helping people understand their authentic self. And now that modern psychology is also riding the wave of deconditioning and understanding your authentic self, there are more resources now than ever to help you get rid of belief systems and behaviors that are not benefiting you.

Incarnation Cross

Your incarnation cross is determined by combining 4 active gates in your body graph. Your Incarnation cross is determined by what gate your sun and earth are in, and then the two gates that horizontally cross it, thus making a cross in your chart.

The incarnation cross shows your purpose in life. However, this is something that embodies your whole life and means way more than who you are right now, or who are meant to be.

Your Incarnation Cross does not mean your career choice and such, but it can be a great start in understanding what types of professions work for you. Rather, It’s about becoming aware of your most inner potential and awakening to your purpose from the inside out, instead of the outside in.

The Body Graph

Just like Astrology, Human Design gives a snapshot of the planetary placements at your time of birth.

All those black and red lines, and shapes that either white or a color show your unique human design and personality.

You’re also looking at the 9 centers (aka chakras) which show the energy that is consistent in you or if it’s white then it is showing you the areas you are conditioned in and need to deprogram.

Anything you see in red is part of your Design and is unconscious. You cannot change anything in Red.

And anything you see in black shows your Personality and you can become aware of this. It’s through the black (personality) that shows how you can awaken in this lifetime since this is your awareness.

ZZZZZZzzzzz, Did you fall asleep yet?

So listen, all those lines, numbers, and shapes all have a detailed meaning about who you are! And I will break down the planets, the red and black lines, the meanings of the numbers, etc. so follow me on Youtube and Sign Up for the Newsletter!

Now What?

So hopefully you get the gist of what Human Design is and can see just how detailed it is and that it does reveal your design as a Human.

This Book gives you everything you’re looking for about your Human Design, Read my Honest Review! 👇🏽
The best books on human design that explain your personality and type, strategy and authority, profile, lines, centers

Happy learning,

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