The 4 Human Design Types: Which One Are You?

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Only 4 Types of Auras on Earth: Which One Do You Have?

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Your Human Design Type is an explanation of your individual aura.

An aura,(i.e. electromagnetic energy field) surrounds every living thing and get this, your aura is felt by every living thing.

Think of it like this…

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt turned off,…(or maybe turned on…oh baby! ) and you didn’t know why? Well, that’s because you intuitively picked up something about this person’s design.

You felt their aura. Creepy or Cool?

So, let’s get into what your type is and what it means for you.

And, no type is better than the other, even though you may feel like you got the short stick on your type. This is Human Design, and that means it’s all about individuality.


Rare and around 10% of the population.

Human Design Manifestor strategy is to inform. Human Design Manifestors aura is closed and repelling. Human design manifestor signature is peace. Manifestor Not self theme is anger

In ancient humanity, Manifestors were warriors, kings and queens, high priests, and high priestesses who had the ability to lead and take action for themselves to achieve their goals and didn’t wait for the “gods” or outside forces to move them into action. 

If you’re a Manifestor that means your Aura is Closed and Repelling.

This means that most people who step into your aura feel the need to repel themselves because you are indeed intimidating. However, the right people will always gravitate towards you and support you in your visions of what you want to manifest.

Fun fact: The founder of Human Design Ra Uru Hu was a Manifestor.

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Hey Manifestor! A Guide About Your Type

Generators/Manifesting Generators 

Human design generators and manifesting generators strategy is to respond, Generator aura is open and enveloping, signature is satisfaction and generator and manifesting generator theme is fustration

Making up about 70% of the population (37% Manifesting Generators and 33% Pure Generators)

Throughout human history, and even today, your creative energy and stamina make every generator a valuable and desirable commodity in society. 

You were designed to do work you love (and hopefully you are!) and even exhaust yourself at times, because without fail you always regenerate your energy.

If you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator then Your Aura is Open and Enveloping.

As a generator, you have an embracing aura that transmits creativity and the creative life force. You are quick to look at something and determine whether or not it’s for or not and when you commit to something you will most likely follow through.

However you are not the type to easily switch gears, so if someone is harping you to shift directions, whether in work or a relationship, tell them to back off and assure them you’ll get the task done but at your pace.

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Hey Generator! A Guide About Your Type

Hey Manifesting Generator! A Guide About Your Type


You make up about 20% of the population.

Human Design Projector aura focused and absorbing

Projectors emerged on earth in 1781 and good news…it is your type that is destined to take the throne and hold positions that manifestors and generators are currently dominant in. This will happen once more people begin to recognize and empower your natural ability to guide them toward a better way of doing things. 

If you are a Projector Your aura is Focused and Absorbing.

Your aura makes you great at focusing on other peoples auras and you are a master of interacting with people on the deepest of levels. You have a natural openness to taking on the expectations and energies of others. You have the capacity to see the larger picture and guide others toward their purpose and role in life.

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Hey Projector! A Guide About Your Type


Reflectors are about 1.4% of the population.

Human Design Reflectors the reflector strategy, reflector authority, reflector signature
Reflector Not self theme disappointment

Being a Reflector means that you march to the beat of your own drum. You are a lunar being and have the ability to strengthen your intuition deeper than any other type.

Reflectors are natural seers, empaths, mystic, and gurus. As a reflector, you are designed to reflect back to the community, or individual that you are in contact with. As a reflector, you change according to the moon position which changes every 8-10 hours, and it takes about 28-29 days for the moon to do a full 360. 

Think of it like this, one lunar cycle of 28.5 days is equivalent to one reflector day. This is probably why you’ve noticed that you’re rather a slow-moving individual. 

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Hey Reflector!: A Guide About Your Type and Strategy: Human Design Reflectors

Now What?

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