Solar Plexus Center in Human Design: Meaning, Definition, & Not-Self Talk

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What Are Centers (Chakras) in Human Design?

human design the 9 centers and their meaning. The root center, sacral center, splenic center, heart center, solar plexus center, g center, throat center, head center Anja center
The 9 Centers (Chakras)

If you’re like me, you came across Human Design and were surprised to see that there are 9 Centers, (aka chakras) instead of the usual 7 that other spiritual teachings show.

The reason why Human Design uses 9 Chakras instead of 7 is because of a mutation in our Humanness that occurred in 1781 when the planet Uranus was discovered. ( Fun fact, another Mutation is coming in 2027, and there’s a sleuth of information on this… it’s expensive though. 😒 )

Centers in Human Design

Every Center in Human Design is directly connected to our biological and genetic makeup. This means that each center consists of an energetic flow in an esoteric sense, and each center also explains our biological human forms.

Now I’m not going to go into the scientific depth of how each center is directly connected to your body and system in it. For all that this is the Book.

Rather I am going to give you the basics of each center and some examples of Not-Self Questions that are directly derived from The Definitive Book of Human Design.

Also, each Center will be featured in a separate article for easier navigation. 😁

Defined Centers (Fixed)

If you look in your Body Graph, you may notice that some of these centers are colored in and there are some that are white. The Centers that are defined, (colored in) means that you have consistent energy flowing through this Center. This is an energy that you can draw upon at any time and the centers that are defined are what determines your Type.

ra uru hu founder and messengers bogy graph chart
Ra Uru Hu, Manifestor

Read: Human Design the 4 Types for more info on your type. 

When you have a center defined, this means that you cannot be conditioned in this area. That means you cannot be influenced to think, behave, or be anything other than what you’re designed to be. It’s an inner knowing that you can distinguish between yourself and the other, and not let the other influence you. 

Undefined Centers (Open)

Now, if a Center is white. This means it is open. It is not empty or void of energy, it just means it is open.

When you have a Center that is white, this means that energy flow is NOT consistent and that you are able to be conditioned by others. The “other” can be defined as your upbringing, a book or teaching you were exposed to, an experience that happened, etc. 

Seeing a White Center in your chart means that the energy flow in this area may become active during planetary transits or when you are within 15 ft of someone, it all depends on your hanging gates & the other person’s Design. 

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: If you have an open center, and you’re next to someone with a defined center, this means you take in the other person’s energy and then amplify it. Think in terms of emotions, fears, expressions, thinking, etc. 

Are you able to see how it is through the white centers that the conditioning process happens? (Remember, conditioning is neutral)

This process of unconsciously taking in other people’s energy creates a high potential to be conditioned into thinking or behaving in ways that are not your own.

It is through this conditioning process that creates false versions of yourself. This false version of you is referred to as the Not-Self in Human Design.

The Not-Self is the state most people live in because the awareness of our own unique Personality & Design is still evolving. 

However, it is also the white centers that can lead to a higher state of awareness of ourselves and the environment. 

Solar Plexus Center in Human design and where it is located in your chart

Solar Plexus Center

The Solar Plexus Center is related to our spirit consciousness, emotions, sensitivity, and passion. This center brings emotional and social awareness and sheds light on how we connect to other people.

The spirit awareness in our Design began several thousands of years ago. According to Ra Uru Hu, this is what Jesus and the Buddha were helping people become aware of. This is the center responsible for the concept of God being in spirit form and that form resides in all of us.

Biological and Energy Association

The Solar Plexus Center is connected to the lungs, kidneys, pancreas, prostate gland, and nervous system. The purpose of this center is to bring a sense of emotional clarity and well-being to our Design.

The Solar Plexus provides the cyclic nature of desire and the energy to continually keep us wanting to experience pleasure and its opposite pain. 

Depending on what gates or channels are activated either in your design or by transit, will show how the emotional frequency wave of ups and downs operates.

There are certain Fears associated with each Gate in the Solar Plexus. You may experience these fears when only one Gate in the Solar Plexus is activated and there isn’t a defined channel. 

Emotional Waves

All our emotions happen in frequency waves. This just means that our emotions range from high and low…duh right? 

But what you may not have been aware of until now, is that there are 3 different emotional frequency waves. 

Each emotional wave occurs when a channel in the Solar Plexus is activated. If only one gate is activated in the Solar Plexus Center, this can bring an experience of fear related to that gate.

Tribal Wave

The tribal waves operate through physical touch and sensitivity to our needs. This wave operates as having an emotional explosion and then a release and the next explosion will occur when the emotional pressure builds up again. 

Individual Wave

This wave operates through moodiness, emotions, melancholy or passion, but only when in the mood. The individual wave moves evenly most of the time with short emotional spikes and dips. 

Abstract Wave

The abstract emotional wave moves through desire and feeling and moves from peaks to valleys. This emotional wave crashes when the desire or expectation is not met. 


Gates of the solar plexus center in human design
Gates of the Solar Plexus Center

Tribal Wave Gates – Need

Gate 37 – The Family – The Gate of Friendship. Makes bargains based on the principles of the Tribe/Family. Potential nervousness around having to take on the traditional roles in life. The associated fear with this gate is the Fear of Tradition. 

Gate 6 – Conflict – The Gate of Friction. This emotional wave opens or closes to intimacy. This wave is associated with nervousness about revealing who you truly are. The associated fear with this gate is Fear of Intimacy. 

Gate 49 – Revolution – The Gate of Principles. This emotional wave rejects or accepts principles-based o the Tribe/Family. There may be some nervousness about rejection, unpredictability, and consequences. The associated fear of this gate is The Fear of Nature. 

Individual Wave Gates – Passion

Gate 22 – Grace- The Gate of Openness. This gate is open to listening when in the mood. There may be uncertainty that anyone will listen to you or that there is anything worthwhile to listen to. 

Gate 55- Abundance – The Gate of Spirit. This is an emotion of Melancholy that is personal. There may be nervousness arising from not knowing what to be passionate about. The associated fear with this gate is The Fear of Emptiness 

Collective Wave Gates- Desire

Gate 36 – The Darkening of the Light – The Gate of Crisis. This gate is driven by a deep hunger to have a challenge of a new experience. There may be a nervousness about one’s sexual and emotional adequacy. The associated fear of this gate is Fear of Inadequacy. 

Gate 30 – The Clinging Fire – The Gate of Feelings. This is a powerful emotional wave that is fueled by the desire to feel deeply. There may be a nervousness about what might or what might not happen. The associated fear of this fate is The Fear of the Fates.

Defined Solar Plexus

example of what a defined solar plexus looks and an undefined open solar plexus looks like in a human design chart or bodygraph

Having this Center Defined by Design or transit means that you can identify and confront emotional uncertainty and can move beyond emotional nervousness to emotional awareness. You are designed to wait through the emotional up and emotional down and then back to your emotional baseline.

Individuals with this center defined often experience intense emotions and have no problem showing how they feel since they can easily draw upon their feelings. 

If you have this center defined you should be mindful of the emotional up and downs and understand that each emotional peak and valley won’t last. So enjoy the times you’re feeling great and practice patience when the emotional wave dips. Trust in yourself that soon you’ll return back to your emotional baseline.

Undefined Solar Plexus

Having an Undefined Solar Plexus means that you are vulnerable to other people’s emotions, needs, and moods and confrontation may make you nervous. 

With an Open Solar Plexus, you will amplify the emotions of others more easily than the emotions of yourself.

Be mindful of trying to pacify a situation just because you can sense that someone is upset or angry. At times it is necessary to step in and help others, but at other times is a necessity to walk away and not get involved with someone’s personal Karma.

It’s easy for someone with an open solar plexus to pick up on the emotions of others, both good and bad. It is important that you become aware of when you are feeling the emotions from others so it doesn’t affect you in a negative way.

It takes practice to become good at separating your feelings from others, especially when someone is directing strong emotions toward you. Naturally, you will amplify any strong emotions and then things could go haywire if you act on those feelings. Practice patience and exercise restraint during high emotional situations.

Completely Open Solar Plexus Center

Having a Completely Open Solar Plexus center means that you probably experience some confusion about your emotions and what you are feeling at times.

It may be difficult for you to interpret your feelings or identify what you desire. You may notice confusion around when to be sensitive, when to be passionate, or how to deal with other people’s emotions.

The potential wisdom that lies with having this center completely open is to know and understand the emotional waves in the purest state without judging them. 

Not-Self Solar Plexus Talk

  • I don’t want to go there because I don’t want to deal with confrontation
  • I don’t want to say that because it might upset that person
  • I better be really nice and smile so they will like me
  • There is no point in going there because I might be rejected and disappointed. 
  • I’m afraid to tell the truth because I don’t want to hurt their feelings. 


1. Do not identify with any emotional wave, rather remain as an objective observer. 

2. Be mindful that emotional uncertainty may cause fear and nervousness.

3. Become more comfortable with uncertainty

4. Accept your wide range of emotions.

5. Take deep breaths when feeling nervous or emotionally stirred up. 

Now What?

Read up on what the other centers mean in your Human Design Chart to get a better understanding of your Personality & Design.


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