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Ajna Center

Desiree Clemons
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The Ajna Center is an awareness center and is connected to our mental contemplation, mind-consciousness, and decision making. 

This center is responsible for our dualistic thinking of “this or that” as well as our ability to look at the positives and negatives of one thing and form an opinion. It’s the Ajna Center that gives us the ability to analyze and discern things. 

Biological and Energy Correlation

The biological functions of the Ajna Center are associated with the neocortex, visual cortex, and pituitary glands. The pituitary glands are located at the base of the brain and act as the body’s maintenance headquarters since these master glands are connected to all parts of the body.

It is in the Ajna Center that the Personality Crystal resides. Remember we have a dual consciousness as humans. Before our physical form, we were a single consciousness that split into two creating both our Design and Personality.


ajna center


Each gate of the Ajna Center carries a form of mental anxiety that alerts us to the possibility that we are giving too much attention to external expectations. And when we do this too much, we put our mental health in jeopardy. 

Gate 47 - The Gate of Realization - Mental expression of trying to make sense of the confusion but finding life to be oppressive and futile that may lead to mental anxiety and confusion. Associated fear is Fear of Futility.

Gate 24 - The Gate of Rationalization - Mental anxiety of never knowing the answer, that inspiration will never come, and anxiety that you won't be able to explain your knowing. The associated fear with this gate is Fear of Ignorance.

Gate 4 - The Gate of Formalization - Formulating a logical answer. Mental anxiety that there will never be order in your life so you can find answers. The associated fear is Fear of Chaos.

Gate 11 - The Gate of Ideas - Having new ideas to share. Developing mental anxiety about not having a new idea or a stimulating topic to learn about or manifest. The associated fear is Fear of Darkness. 

Gate 43- The Gate of Insight - Having unique perspectives. Having mental anxiety that your ideas are too weird and will be rejected or your ideas not making sense to others. The associated fear is Fear of Rejection.

Gate 17 - The Gate of Opinion - Having opinions based on facts. Having a fear that your opinions will be challenged so instead, you don't share them without having details to back up your opinions. The fear associated with this gate is Fear of Challenge. 

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Defined Ajna Center

Having a defined Ajna Center means that you can conceptualize your life experience, in the same way, most of the time. You are able to trust your mental functioning and may find yourself always conceptualizing and trying to make sense of things. 

You have a fixed way of processing information, however, you may notice at times that you obsess over incomplete tasks or decisions that are too late to make. 

There are associated fears/anxieties connected to each gate of the Ajna, so having this center defined makes you prone to anxieties revolving around “not knowing” or not being able to rationalize something.

Important questions to ask yourself are: Am I being too attached to an opinion or belief? And Am I trying to convince everyone or myself that I am certain?”

Undefined Ajna Center

If you have an Open Ajna Center this means you have an open and flexible mind. You may notice that others look at you as a thinker or an intellectual. 

Having an Open Ajna Center means that you are able to discern which concepts have value and recognize who is capable of providing answers to the questions being focused on at that time. 

You have the tendency to pick up on the ideas and thoughts of others around you. 

Sometimes these ideas and thoughts seem great and convincing, so don’t agree to something or to someone else's ideas without first processing the information, because ideas can come so fast and without awareness of yourself, it is nearly impossible to act from your authority and strategy. 

Accept that your mind works in an inconsistent way, however you hold the potential to allow your mind to be a mental playground and gain a huge amount of wisdom for others.

Completely Open Ajna Center

Having a Completely Open Ajna Center means that you possess the qualities of an Undefined Ajna, but also experience difficulty in knowing what to think or how to interpret what you actually think. You may have difficulty with conceptualization or organizing your thoughts.

However, with all Completely Open Centers, there lies a gift in being completely open to the energies of this center. The gift of this center is that you have the potential to obtain great pleasure in contemplating a variety of theories, concepts, and insights. 

As you practice non-attachment to theories and concepts, you’ll notice that your mental awareness will increase and there's no limit.  

Not-Self Talk of Ajna

  • What should I do with my life?
  • I have to put order into my life to get rid of the chaos.
  • I better not share this because people will think I’m strange or weird. 
  • I have to figure out life because life is futile.
  • I have to be ready for this challenge.


  1. Practice mindfulness in order to slow down your thoughts. 
  2. Get into the habit of watching thoughts come and go without becoming attached to them. 
  3. Meditation and focusing your awareness on the present moment 
  4. Let Strategy and Authority guide you
  5. Become aware of your fears
  6. Learn to communicate your fears effectively 
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