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The G Center in Human Design and what it means to have this center defined or undefined and wher the Magnetic Monopole resides
The G Center is connected to Self Love, Identity, and Aligning with your Higher Self. This center attracts every experience, person, and thing toward you. 

The G Center is the only Identity Center in Human Design. It's the G center that is responsible for your sense of direction in life, your sense of identity, and your sense of inner love. 

Biological and Energy Correlation

The G Center is biologically associated with the liver and the blood in our body. It's the liver function that determines the overall health of our blood since it is the blood that carries nutrients & oxygen to every organ in our bodies. Think of the blood as the lifeline of your organs and the liver as the filter and balancer of these nutrients and oxygen.

The liver's function is to break down and balance the blood so that it contains appropriate nutrients and enough oxygen to keep your body functioning well. Once a liver cell is damaged, it cannot be replaced, so be kind to your body, and Ra suggests limiting your intake of alcohol since this damages the liver and your identity.  

In an energetic and esoteric perspective, The G center is where we Incarnate or Reincarnate. It's the energy in the G center that draws our spirit into our bodies and then leaves when the body dies.

Magnetic Monopole

During our development in our mother’s womb, the Magnetic Monopole and the Design Crystal (located in the Ajna) separated and therefore created the illusion of separation and also created our dual consciousness.

These two energies are somewhat longing for each other, which looks like a search for longing for love within ourselves. It's the push and pull between what we often call the “heart and mind”. 

This is the energy that creates us to look for love in external forces rather than looking inward for love because we give the power of love over to the Personality Crystal located in the Ajna (Conceptualization Center). 

The Magnetic Monopole in Human Design is the seat of the Driver, (Specifically Gate 2) as described in the recording found on The Magnetic Monopole is a magnet and its role is only to attract, not retract. The Magnetic Monopole attracts only love and beauty, and everything in existence is Love at the highest awareness.

Gates of the G- Center

Gates of the G center and the Keynoted for every Gate
The Gates of the G Center

The gates in the G center are broken up into two sections. The gates of Direction and The Gates of Love. 

Gates of Direction

Gate 1 - The Gate of Self-Expression - The capacity for creativity and our place in the Now. 

Gate 13 - The Gate of the Listener - Hearing other people’s secrets. Creating a direction by looking back.

Gate 7 - The Gate of the Role of the Self in Interaction - Creating a direction by looking forward and leading by Influence.

Gate 2 - The Gate of the Direction of the Self - A direction of vision. The direction or aka The Driver.

Gates of Love

Gate 15 - The Gate of Extremes- Having a love for humanity and embracing different extremes of behavior

Gate 10 - The Gate of the Behavior of the Self - Having Love for the Self and loving oneself. 

Gate 25 - The Gate of the Spirit of the Self - Universal love and retaining innocence despite circumstances

Gate 46 - The Gate of Determination of the Self - Love of the body. Determination to follow through. 

Example of what a Defined G center looks like and and example of an Undefined G center looks like

Defined G- Center

If you have a Defined G- Center by Design or Transit this means you have a reliable sense of who you are and a sense of knowing that you are loved. You are able to love others without becoming dependent on them to give you a sense of self-love. 

Individuals with this center defined have a consistent way of showing love and expressing themselves since it is natural for these individuals to not confuse love with identity. 

However, If you feel like giving up, or feel as if you can’t identify with a direction in your life, this could be an indication that you are being too forceful in finding your Direction, instead, don’t become too attached to expectations that you have for yourself or for your life. Just allow experiences and things to come to you, since you are Designed to attract the ones that are most meaningful for you. 

It's important that you know that not everyone is designed to go the same way as you, so be mindful of having high expectations for others. 

Also, following your Strategy according to your Type will prevent a sense of feeling lostness. 

 Undefined G- Center

If you have an Open (white) G center in your chart then you may experience feeling lost sometimes and may even question who you are at times. This is because you don’t always identify with the same things consistently. 

However, having an open G Center doesn't mean that you are not without Direction, it just means that part of your purpose here on Earth is to experience different directions to get a sense of what is right for you and what isn’t. 

Having This center open isn't necessarily a bad thing because if this center is open, then you have the ability to take control of your own direction plus you have the opportunity to develop a deep level of Self Love. 💜

Plus you have the awareness of knowing if an environment is correct for you or not. Just be sure to follow your Strategy when/if you feel the need to change environments. Following your Strategy provides adjusting from one environment to another easier.

It is also suggested to let go of finding an identity and love because you are here to take in all the possibilities that come to you. This will allow you to become wise and feel a deep sense of Self Love.

And if you are in a relationship, A true sense of identity can emerge but only when you are in a healthy relationship.

You Can fit in anywhere, or nowhere- The choice is yours! 😁

Completely Open G-Center

Having a completely open G Center means that you are here to take in every experience and also choose what environment, people, and experiences are correct for you to identify with. 

You also have the potential to experience the deepest feelings of Self Love, however, there are a few drawbacks of having this completely open.

The Drawback of having a completely open G Center is not having an inherent sense of direction in life. You may be unsure about yourself and look to others for validation and a sense of security. This may leave you vulnerable to manipulation and conditioning that can prevent you from seeing your true potential. 

By following your Strategy and listening to those internal feelings when something feels off, with time you’ll develop a ton of wisdom that can be beneficial for all.

Read the Not Self Talk below and follow the Tips to gauge a better understanding of who you are and how to tap into the energetic flow of Love. 

G- Center Not Self Talk

  • Who am I?
  • Do I feel lost?
  • Where should I go to find out who I am?
  • Where should I go to figure out what to do with my life?
  • Who am I going to love?


  1. Strive to attain a state of self-acceptance and self-love. 
  2. Let go of Identities, people, places, or things, that do not feel right to you.
  3. Understand the relationship of the Magnetic Monopole and Personality Crystal
  4. Allow everything you need to attract to you. (Click Here to Listen to Ra)
  5. Stop chasing love and allow it to come to you.
  6. Honor your independence & Surround yourself with people who support your freedom.
  7. Follow your Strategy and Authority

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