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Head Center

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what is the head center in human design the meaning of the head center


The Head Center

The Head Center is a Pressure Center, just like the Root Center, and this center is connected to our desire to find things out and relieve mental pressure. This center is responsible for our ability to formulate questions and our drive to conceptualize and mentally make sense of the things we are experiencing. 

Biological and Energy Association 

The Head Center is associated with our pineal gland which regulates the flow of information between the grey areas of the brain and the neocortex. 

The gray area is where 90% of mental processes happen, and it's right below our level of conscious awareness.

It's the area of our brain that takes in and filters our experiences so we can make sense of things. 

And because we are always experiencing things consciously and unconsciously, this creates a pressure (energy) that wants to be conceptualized through the Ajna Center and then be expressed through the Throat. 

But if this energy is not able to be released, it creates a buildup of pressure that can lead to headaches or a feeling of mental head pressure.

The energy in this center is also connected to our inspiration, abstract thinking, as well as existential thinking. This center doesn’t answer those deep questions and abstract questions, rather it just formulates them.

Gates in the Head Center

Head center in human design and the three gates that are in the head center

The 3 Gates of the Head Center

Gate 64 - The Gate of Confusion -  An abstract pressure to make sense of the past and to resolve mental chaos and confusion. 

Gate 61 -The Gate of Mystery - Mutative pressure to know something new, to understand the mysteries, and to know the unknowable. 

Gate 63 -The Gate of Doubt - Logical pressure to make sense of the pattern through doubting. Looking for logical meaning or seeking a new pattern.

Defined Head Center

Having a Defined Head Center by Design or by Transit means that you have a fixed way of dealing with the mental pressures associated with your life experience. This means you are able to find answers to your internal questions and easily make sense of your experiences. You are able to grasp and understand things through your fixed way of thinking.

If you do not have the Throat Center Defined, you may notice anxiety, frustration, anger, or bitterness because you are not able to express the energy in your Head and Ajna Centers. The energy you feel with having this center defined is energy meant to be used to externalize and inspire, uplift, and empower others. Just be mindful not to put pressure on others and wait for the opportunity to inspire and uplift others, as this will create less anxiety and frustration for you. 

Example of what a Defined and Undefined Head Center looks like in Human Design

Example of what a Defined and Undefined Head Center looks like

Undefined Head Center

If you have an Undefined Head Center, then you have no consistent way of deliberating mental information. You may experience a high desire to discover the underlying meanings of things. You may also find the ideas of others inspiring and can see many aspects of a thought to determine whether or not it is beneficial to pursue or not. You may also be okay with not knowing something and can easily dismiss thoughts or ideas that seem worthless to you. 

The negative side of having this center open is that you may become too obsessed with a thought or idea and spend too much mental energy on finding answers to something that may not be your own. You may also notice anxiety if you are trying to release the pressure in your head but are noticing that you are unable to release it. This can lead to seeking for inspiration or trying to figure things out, but having no success. 

But the good news is that because this Center is open, you have the potential to become aware of your own mental pressure and the pressure of others. Just follow the tips below, or comment below on what has helped you. 😁

Completely Open Head Center

Having a completely open Head Center means that you do not have any hanging gates in this center, so releasing pressure in this center is more difficult for you. You are subject to experience a lot of mental pressure, especially if you are in a noisy or chaotic environment. You may notice at times that you don't know what to focus on or what to think about. 

The silver lining here is that you also have a gift of picking up on others' thoughts and being a mind reader so to speak. This awareness happens once you're aware enough to know what is your mental pressure and what is the other. This happens when you don't become attached to the mental pressure or try to force it into expression. 

Not-Self Talk of the Head Center

  • I need to find something inspiring.
  • Where can I go to find answers
  • I have to understand this and make sense of it. 
  • What should I be thinking about? 
  • Maybe if I do this or go there, I’ll find something inspiring.


  1. Allow the mental pressure to come and not be attached to it. 
  2. Quiet your atmosphere.
  3. Dismiss thoughts or ideas that seem worthless to you.
  4. Before diving deep into inspiring concepts, ask yourself if this is beneficial for you or will this give you unwanted mental stress.
  5. Practice detachment from your thoughts and just observe them.
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