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Root Center

Desiree Clemons
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Root Center in Human Design is related to our stress and how that stress is released

The Root Center is associated with Physical Adrenalized Pressure - To sustain momentum for living, and is also related to stress.

The Root Center is a Pressure & Motor Center that moves energy to an Awareness Center, or a Motor Center (Splenic Center, the Sacral Center, or the Emotional Center)

Biological and Energy Correlation

The Root Center is associated with the adrenal system and the production of stress hormones. Stress associated with this center represents fuel and energizes biochemical processes that help us master situations we encounter in life.

The energy pressure related to stress and living, begins in the Root Center is expressed through our fears, our actions, or our emotions, and this energy’s goal is driven toward expression and manifestation.

Gates In The Root Center

The Root Center is a Pressure Center that moves energy to an awareness center. (Splenic Center, the Sacral Center, or the Emotional Center)

Root Center and Gates

Gate 58 - The Gate of Vitality - The pressure to perfect & correct in order to make things better.

Gate 38 - The Gate of the Fighter - The pressure to struggle for purpose in life, or the pressure to find purpose in life.

Gate 54 - The Gate of Drive - The pressure to rise above and achieve in order to transform.

Gate 53 - The Gate of Beginnings - The pressure to begin or start new things

Gate 60 - The Gate of Acceptance - The pressure to mutate and transcend limitation

Gate 52 - The Gate of Inaction - The pressure to focus energy and concentrate.

Gate 19 - The Gate of Wanting -The pressure to be sensitive to basic needs.

Gate 39 - The Gate of Provocation - The pressure to feel the passion and spirit in life.Gate 41 - The Gate of Contraction - The pressure to desire a new experience.

Gate 41 - The Gate of Contraction - The pressure to desire a new experience.

Defined and Undefined Root Center

example of a defined and undefined root center in human design

Example of an Open Root Center

When the Root Center is Defined and creates a channel to an Awareness Center (Splenic Center or Solar Plexus Center) or Motor Center, (Sacral Center), this means that stress-energy is released in a consistent way. If this center is Undefined, then your stress energy has the potential to build up, if it cannot be released.

It is important to release this pressure, and it is easier to release the pressure when this center is defined by Design or when a temporary channel is active from a transiting planet or node.

If the Root Center is Open then you may experience a lot of stress and anxiety. You can feel the need to accomplish something or feel the pressure of never being able to complete your tasks. 

The undefined root center absorbs stress from its environment. Having this center undefined means you are subject to feel and amplify the pressure from someone with a defined root center. This is an energy that can lead to burnout. So watch out. 

Completely Open Root Center

Having a completely open Root Center means that you do not have any hanging gates, (conscious or unconscious) in this center. This means that you are prone to feel a lot of pressure and often try to rush things to get them done. Your system cannot sustain a high level of amplified pressure. This can lead to panic attacks and a lot of anxiety when living in a fast-paced world. It is best for you to spend more time in nature and in a calm relaxing environment.

Not-Self Talk Of The Root Center

  • I have to start something new right now.
  • I better hurry up and get this done.
  • What am I going to do to make my life better?
  • I have to get this done.
  • I have to initiate a new experience right now.


  1. Give yourself time to complete a task. 
  2. Sit and observe the pressure you feel and what it is urging you to do, so you can discern if this is a good environment or a bad environment. 
  3. Deep breathes are a great way to get rid of the pent-up pressure.
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