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Sacral Center

Desiree Clemons
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The Sacral Center is associated with the Power of Fertility that is correlated with your Life-Force Energy, Responsibility, Availability, & Sexuality.

The Sacral Center is a Motor Center because this is where the energy and desire to continue to reproduce resides. This energy is the momentum to keep the human species alive. 🐵

Biological and Energy Correlation

The Sacral Center is associated with the ovaries in a woman, and the testes in a man.  This center drives the desire to reproduce, wanting to care for the young, take on responsibility, and survival. This energy in the Sacral Center is called the Creative Life Force.

The Sacral Center is a Motor Center since it corresponds to physical energy used for work, physical responses, and sexual energy. All Generators have this center filled in, Hence being able to generate this powerful energy all the time.

Gates In The Sacral Center

Sacral Center in Human Design and all the gates that are in the sacral design
Gate 34 - The Gate of Power - Pure power to empower.

Gate 5 - The Gate of Fixed Patterns - The energy to set and repeat patterns or rituals to ensure a consistent flow of energy.

Gate 14 - The Gate of Power Skills - Releasing of energy, (money, resources) to empower a direction in life

Gate 29 - The Gate of Perseverance - A commitment to an experience completely for true discovery potential

Gate 59 - The Gate of Sexuality - The sexual energy to bond with a mate.

Gate 9 - The Gate of Energy for Detail - Concentrated energy used to create a pattern.

Gate 3 - The Gate of Ordering - Brings order to a mutative pulse frequency

Gate 42 - The Gate of Growth - The closure of a cycle and bringing things to an end.

Gate 27 - The Gate of Caring - Nourishment and protection for survival. 

Example of a Defined & Undefined Sacral Center

Defined and Undefined Sacral Center

When this Center is Defined, by Design or by Transit, this means that you will have a consistent flow of energy that can be used for work, physical activity, sexual activity, and an inner knowing of your Truth.

Having this Center Defined by Design means that you have a gut instinct of knowing immediately whether something is correct for you or not. It's instinctual energy that is often responded with sacral sounds like ah-HUH and UHN - un. It is strongly recommended to trust your intuitive gut instincts and respond to yes or no questions with your Sacral Sounds.

Having an Open Sacral Center, (Undefined) means that you don’t have consistent energy for work, physical activity, or even sexual energy sometimes. The energy in this center will not be released unless you are borrowing energy from someone else, or the planetary transits are activating a Channel.

With this center open you probably notice moments during the day when you feel fatigued or tired. You may also have a  tendency to overwork and exhaust yourself since we live in a world that demands Sacral Energy from everyone.

Someone with this center open isn’t designed for consistent and sustainable manual labor, so more breaks and rests throughout the day will help in restoring Sacral Energy.

Getting enough sleep is also important and remember to take breaks when you feel like your energy is depleted since there really is no other way to regenerate, other than rest. 😴

Completely Open Sacral Center

Having a completely open Sacral Center means that you do not have any gates active in the center. You may notice that you don’t know what to do with your energy and often find yourself scattered being drawn to one thing and then another. The best thing for you to do is just Be instead of trying to frantically get rid of the built-up energy you feel. Having this center completely open provides you with an opportunity to become really wise about the true nature of Doing and Being. 

Not Self Talk Of The Sacral Center

  • I can keep going.
  • I have to find a mate.
  • Who can we take care of?
  • Yes, we are doing all the work, but who else will do it.
  • Boundaries? What boundaries?


  1. Take breaks when you are feeling tired or fatigued.
  2. Take time before bed to unwind and shed any borrowed sacral energy.
  3. Work at a slower pace than you think.

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