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Splenic Center

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The Splenic Center is referred to as the Body Consciousness and is correlated to Existential Living, Spontaneity, Health and Well-Being, Values, and Immune System.

The Splenic Center is an Awareness Center, which is associated with internal awareness necessary for survival. It's the Splenic Center that fights off diseases and also gives us an intuitive insight into what’s happening in the body.

Biological and Energy Correlation

The Splenic Center is associated with our lymphatic system, the spleen, and T-cells. The lymphatic system acts like little ears, noses, and tongues all over the body and picks up on subtle energies correlated to a healthy and balanced environment. The T-cells in the body are the cells that attack and destroy anything that enters the body to protect the body from becoming diseased. 

The Splenic Center is often discussed as the center of fears since every gate in this center represents a specific fear.

These gates, when activated, keep us in the present moment and aware of our internal fears. These fears are fears you feel within yourself rather than fears you see in your environment. 

Fear Gates of the Splenic Center

picture of the splenic center and the gates
Gate 48: Fear of Inadequacy: Feeling fearful for not having enough solutions to meet your current problem.

Gate 57: Fear of the Future: Being fixated on the future and remaining at a standstill not moving forward. Anxiety-related to living in the future.

Gate 44: Fear of the Past: Being so fixated with past events that you’re unable to focus on the future. Anxiety living in the past. 

Gate 50: Fear of Responsibility: Not aligning your values correctly and neglecting some of your “have to” duties. In extreme cases, this may look like running away from duties at work or home or neglecting your finances. 

Gate: 32:  Fear of Failures: Staying in a comfort zone when you know you should be taking steps toward something else or something new.

Gate 28: Fear of Death: Constantly looking for a purpose in life? Being afraid of death and the afterlife. Ignoring the fact that death is everyone’s fate and refusing to see that societal definitions of death are not correct.

Gate: 18: Fear of Authority: Afraid to take the lead or speak up when you know people in power are misusing it or not doing it correctly.

example of what a defines and undefined splenic center looks like


Defined Splenic Center

Having a Defined Splenic Center by Design or by Transit means that your survival fear/s operates and releases energy in a consistent and healthy way.

You may even take your good health for granted at times as you thrive for a sense of well-being. It is recommended that you listen to your intuitive gut feelings and not let the mind distract you by conceptualizing what you are feeling. 

Undefined Splenic Center

Having an Undefined Splenic Center means that you have to face your fears in order to live in a fearless and healthy way.

When the Splenic Center is Undefined, the potential to amplify the fears associated with the gates in the Center is likely. 

When an Undefined Splenic Center is near a Defined Splenic Center, the Undefined Splenic Centre will feel a burst of spontaneity. Experiencing any of these fears spontaneously can lead to feelings of insecurity and doubt within yourself. Watch out for impulsive decisions when this Center is temporarily defined. 

Conditioning of the Splenic Center happens when an Open Splenic Center is attached to a person with a Defined Spenleic Center. This is because it feels safe and comforting to be around a person with a Defined Splenic center. These feelings of safety and comfort may make a person stay in unhealthy relationships or in unhealthy environments. Be mindful!

Completely Open Splenic Center

Having a Completely Open Splenic Center means that you may experience feelings of insecurity and may have a mild to extreme fear of everything. You can be heavily conditioned in this area if you are not following your Strategy and surrounding yourself in an environment where you feel safe and secure.

However, you have the potential to become wise as you go through life experiencing the full range of instinctive and intuitive intelligence. It’s when you are able to identify what is helpful for you and what is not that will lead to not becoming overwhelmed and living in a constant state of fear. 

Not-Self Talk

  • Let's not do that because it makes me insecure or because I’m afraid or I feel fearful every time I think about doing it.
  • Let's not say that because it might upset that person.
  • I am afraid I will feel inadequate if I do that.
  • I am afraid of what the outcome might be or what the future will bring.
  • I can't do that because I might lose a connection with that person. They will leave.


  1. Allow your body to build up a natural resistance to illnesses and take enough to recover to ensure full healing of your body.
  2. Discover helpful resources on overcoming Fear.
  3. Learn ways to increase your Intuition. 
  4. Let go of people, places, and things that no longer benefit you, and continue to become aware of what serves your Authority and Strategy. 
  5. Listen to your gut feelings!
  6. Don’t make impulsive decisions. 
  7. Keep a clean environment.

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